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If you ever see me revert vandalism/tag pages for deletion on wikis I don't normally contribute to, then you should know that I'm an SWMT member. Please notify me on my talk page ON THAT WIKI if I have been reverting beneficial edits. I need to know so I don't do it in the future. On another note, if you have seen me reverting a few beneficial edits in a long span of time reverting wiki-wide, please forgive me. I'm human, we are bound to make mistakes.

My home projects are the English Wikiversity (userpage), where I am a curator (since December 2015), and the English Wikibooks (userpage), where I am an administrator (since March 2015). I'm also an admin on MediaWiki (since March 2017). I'm also a gr (global rollbacker), which means I have the rollback tool on all wikis (since March 2016). I contribute to several other projects, in which you can check those out at my CentralAuth.

I joined Wikimedia back in 2010 at the English Wikipedia, didn't start off great, and got blocked quite a number of times (even got community banned!)... But I've considered myself improving since the end of 2014 up to now... so don't think I'm here to cause trouble like I used to :)

If you need to contact me (or ask a question, but I'm not the best at answering questions), my talk page is wide open, and same thing with my email.


IRC-Nick: Atcovi, thestupidking, or tsk Email: You'll find out once you've emailed me ;)


Me and my brother hanging around in the snow, 2016
A park in Sri Lanka... took a picture of this when I was on my trip to Sri Lanka in 2015
Brings nostalgic feelings... playing cricket in 2015 with a couple of friends
Path of snow in VA, 2015
Niagara Falls, July 16 2017
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